Attorney at Law

Raef Granger has practiced law in the Granite State for over a decade, helping clients receive justice and closure in several areas, from bankruptcy to personal injury. He puts the client first—he will sit with you to discuss legal counsel, read over law documents, or represent you in court. No matter the legal issue, Raef Granger will listen to you and help solve it.

Public Speaker

In addition to practicing law himself, Raef Granger also teaches others how to effectively practice it. He has spoken at conventions and firms to explain his concept of client centered lawyering, which emphasizes the client’s emotions and needs. Raef Granger is a respected speaker in his field, having helped improve both client satisfaction and the bottom line for many firms.

RocketDog Reports

Raef Granger used his expertise in financial law to found RocketDog Reports, an online service that helps bankruptcy clients clear up their credit without worrying about credit bureaus’ confusing processes. RocketDog has assisted countless people in need of guidance with the difficult task of filing for bankruptcy.

About Raef’s Law Practice

Raef Granger is a New Hampshire attorney with over a decade of experience working with the law. He has helped hundreds of client in a variety of areas, helping them navigate legal systems and resolve stressful dilemmas. He’s known in the field for putting the clients first, from representing them in court rooms to guiding them through legal documents to providing counsel for their law-related questions.  
I run a boutique bankruptcy and business practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. After experiencing major burnout in 2010, I found a great model and skill set to help my practice. I thought this was to just keep me sane and avoid burnout, but instead, I found that this type of counseling (Client-Centered Lawyering) created a thriving and effective law practice—with with truly happier clients.
Raef Granger, Esq.

Raef Granger’s Qualifications

Raef Granger received a law degree from the University of New Hampshire in 1997, and has been an attorney for over 15 years since. He is a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association.

What Raef’s Clients Say About Him

After contacting Raef regarding a potential short sale of my home, they educated me as to my options and guided me to how to best proceed with my financial situation. This process had caused me much anxiety and concern, but Raef walked me through each step of the process and made me hopeful for my future. Raef determined that my best option was to file for bankruptcy. He was amazingly knowledgeable and made the process extremely easy. Raef made himself available for any questions and the entire process was done within the anticipated timeframe.
D.K. 2013
I have known Raef Granger approximately three years. Initially we met in a B to B capacity, and now he is helping with my family’s personal finances. I have always appreciated his sincerity, optimism and good sense of humor. Raef has proven to be highly knowledgeable in his law practice, and is constantly looking out for his client’s best interest. He never seems to be in a hurry; when speaking with him it is as though you are his only client. Raef listens and advises with care and concern for your financial and emotional issues front and center. With those qualities, what more could one ask for in legal representation?I would strongly recommend his council to any and all in times of fiscal distress.
A.H. 2014
Just wanted to send you a quick note to express my appreciation for all your work and efforts on my behalf this last year. I feel I’ve got my life back and everything is in control again. You were great to work with and made the process easy. If you ever need a referral or reference for your business let me know
R.G. 2013