Raef's Masterclass


Many business owners want to work on their business, but run out of time in the day, or just don’t "pull the trigger" on doing it.

If this is you, this group may be for you.

If even just a little bit interested, don’t hesitate to contact me. We can set a time to chat.


Why I Created This:  

  • Business owners need the time, space, and motivation (energy) to work on their business.

  • I wanted another option for people to get coaching with a regular format and build community.

  • How many times do we go to conference, or read business books, and want to make change happen, but time gets away from us and we never do it.  This class solves that. 

Why it Works:  

  • Time:  You will get the time and follow up to focus on what matters to you and your business right now.

  • Space:  You will have the chance to make real change happen as we meet and work regularly on a schedule.

  • Energy:  Successful CEO’s have been powered up by doing this for years. It is time we micropreneurs take advantage of this format.

Already know you want in?!


The Details:

  • Class is for 6-8 people only.  Live and in person. Hand picked and applied for the right group dynamic

  • January 2019 to December 2019. 10 sessions over 12 months. Half day meeting format. Last Friday of the Month.

  • Begins:  January 25th, 2019.  9:30-2:30.  Portsmouth,NH.

  • Individual sessions with me to coach/guide/prepare you for the “floor session” and to meet your goals.

  • 2 people each month will “have the floor” to discuss/share/workshop your business goals each session with guided group and individual feedback.

  • Business workshop to learn new skills to see our “blocks” in a different way.

  • Follow ups and checks in with me to keep the momentum going.

  • Private group channel to keep connected to your group and energy to move forward.  

  • Payment:  12 month payment options.

As a Bonus...  

  • Healthy lunch and notebooks included.

  • Individual add-on coaching options at a discount.

  • Grow your business with personal networking after each meeting. We all know a lot of people want our services and products.  Let’s connect with each other to grow our networks.

Heck you might even make more money than the entrance cost.  People from my last masterclass have already reported completed business which totals over 25K in closed business for them!  ~Raef

Raef Image.png

Why might you want to do this?  

So many times, I see (or people tell me) they want to work on their business.  They want to implement the things they read, learn from seminars, or conference, but they just don’t sit down and do it!  They want to, they mean to, they just don’t do it.

Well, this format is for you.  If you are ready and really want to make a change, but just haven’t been able to.

I can help you.  Really, I can.

(Hey it's ok to be skeptical.  Read the testimonials below on how I helped)

So, if you are committed to wanting to, then click below and we will have a free discovery session to see if this is right for you, if you are ready now, and which group may be a good fit for you.

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Here are what a few people said from my last session:

“One of the best parts of Raef’s Master Class is his one on one coaching/ planning time. I wasn’t going into it with any expectations, but he solved several of my issues with suggestions that I had not thought of or had hoped for. The mastermind format was very helpful to get even more suggestions and expand on them.”
— Mortgage Loan Originator
“Love the format and each meeting listening to others gives me ideas to practice/try in the following weeks to improve my business.”
— Water Filtration Business Owner
“I love this Master Class. It makes me think about my business every week. It is so good! It is a great class! I am really enjoying it. I love the perspective from people outside your business. Interesting to see what other people are struggling with. Great to have time outside of your business to reflect.”
— Retail Mac Sales and Service Business Owner
Owning a business is stressful at times, and I really like how you just listen to me and not try to rush me along.  You provide me with good solid insights and advice, and I always feel much better after we talk.
— Owner of Clegg Sound Associates, LLC & Co - Owner of Wireless That Works, LLC

Raef has been a huge help for me in just one session. He has helped me to focus thoughts on my business

and teach me to open my mind about change. Changes for me. I look forward to more sessions.

— Real Estate Agent and Broker