Hey there.  So, you did it. 
You had more than just a bright idea…


And...you are successful.

So successful you have gone from fledgling business owner to being so busy you don’t even know which way is up.

Of course, you’re  happy that you’ve got clients coming through the door, but unsure if you are taking all the right steps…

Plus- you have more than a few legal questions.

Some may keep you up at night; others just hang out on your to do list never getting crossed off.

But where do you start?


Are my questions too small or really on  the level of needing a lawyer, you wonder?

If only I could just ask an attorney a few questions, just to get started.

You have been in business a while or may even be brand new, but you feel in your gut that there is a more efficient way to run it.

Whether it is with task lists, prioritizing your time or calendar, increasing sales revenue, or just some simple strategies to go in a different direction- you may not be sure where to begin or how to learn. You may have heard of business coaching, but never tried it, or maybe this is your first time ever hearing of one.

If only I could ask a business coach a few questions, just to get started.

Good News! You Can.


One of things I hear most from my coaching clients is: “I did not know how to get started with a lawyer or a business coach”.

Or, they confess they did not ask, because they did not know if they needed one or the other.

You might be surprised how much I hear this. Would it help you to know these are normal questions for all sorts of entrepreneurs at any stage of the game?

I work with people who are in this same boat- all of the time.

You don’t have to wait. You can get the answer to whether or not you need legal advice or want business coaching with a simple discovery call.


Only you can define what is right, and I can help you get there.  As a business coach and attorney, I help people identify the path they are on, help them decide which path they want to get on, and guide them to the one that’s perfectly fit for them.

Heck, you even get some legal advice along the way.


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I've been part of Raef's internet coaching group for three months and he has been an excellent mentor. He has helped me gain so much clarity on things that I have been passive-avoidantly skirting for years. What is great about him is that he does not impose his own worldview on to you. He just knows how to ask the right questions to turn a vague and murky cloud of goals and desires that *you* have into a list of actionable steps that you can take to turn those goals into accomplishments. My stress level in work has dropped dramatically. I've gained a lot of mobility in the execution and delivery of my projects, and have much deeper confidence interfacing with customers. Also, he's a hoot, y'all! I did not imagine that business coaching could be fun. You gotta get on the Granger Train!

- Alexka Chan, Photographer


I've been working with Raef in his group format. Easy-reasonable price for a group coaching session tailored to the group needs, which has always been something that I needed, space to ask questions in that session, and a one-on- one coaching call to focus on my specific issues.

Still a little early to call results, but I'm starting to feel more organized in running my business and my life as opposed to my business running me. Always informative and inspirational.

- Jason Nadeau, Licensed Massage Therapist

I can support you in a few different ways...


(I offer a variety of one on one coaching and group coaching options to meet and suit entrepreneurs at their level of need.

Set up a discovery call today, and we can discuss which option may be the best fit for you, and what that would look like.)

  • In these sessions, we roll up our sleeves and get down to the big entrepreneurial tasks that are on your mind.  

  • We can organize and prioritize all of the tasks/ goals/ ideas that you may have rolling around in your head and work on building that momentum.

  • We can create revenue generation and cash flow.

  • We can build the core values and the culture of your business as it grows.

  • We can create systems that provide and create time and space for you and the life you want to live.

  • There are options that can fit every level of need; including group coaching or 1:1 coaching that allows me to work with you directly and assist with any legal questions at hand.

I offer several coaching package levels, schedule a discovery session to see what is the right fit for you!