I coach entrepreneurs to find, follow, and PLAN their passion.  

We plan, strategize, and build and we do it in a way that is forward-thinking and what you really want.

Too many times to count, I see people go off working hard on their passion, their idea, their work, only to go bankrupt or spend all their or family’s savings or retirement.  

And not only do they take it hard, they decide that they are a failure, and quit on their dream all together.  

Bankruptcy is not a failure, by the way, only a lesson.  A lesson that can be avoided, yes, but just a lesson. And it’s a lesson that can and should be avoided whenever possible.


Together we will walk through the jungle of being in business for yourself. I will serve as your guide, advising you and coaching you all the way to the end…

We will work together from what is within you.  The questions you have or the blocks you have within you, we will find it and solve it together.

I am a lawyer with 20 years of experience in the areas of business law and estate planning, bankruptcy and credit law, and personal injury law. I have helped hundreds of people out of challenging, sometimes devastating situations.

My primary goal is to support my clients through planning and strategizing, maximizing your potential, and minimizing risk.

Are you ready to go?  

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