The Entrepreneur's Foundry: Ep 13 - An Episode of the Round Table Variety


In the first segment, Raef and Reid discuss and try to come up with a definition of Motivation, Discipline and Habit.

We also do a first book review, Solve for Happy:  Engineer Your Path to Joy by Mo Gawdat.  We get trapped in a temporal time loop of discussion and even discuss a dog's happiness.

The Entrepreneur's Foundry: Ep 12 - Interview with Amber Lilyestrom Transformational Coach


Raef and Reid discuss Amber's origin story from University of New Hampshire Brand Manager to Transformational Coach and Speaker Powerhouse.   Amber shares her heartfelt personal story from her early childhood, to her college athletic days, to her first career to what she does now and how she got there. 

The Entrepreneur's Foundry: Ep 8 - Introduction to Reid Butler Guest Co-Host


Meet Reid Butler Financial Adviser of The Bulfinch Group.  We launch our beta test run of Reid Butler stepping in to Co-Host the show with me.  We both had similar ideas of the type of media we wanted to put out in a podcast/ blog format.  So we decided to put our heads together to discuss business and entrepreneurship on this podcast. We also dive into his origin story and what is really like to get started as a financial adviser.  There still will be guests that we interview, and for this episode it's a get to know us, this new format, and how we want to be a different type of business podcast.  Dive in.  We were very happy with how it came out.  We think you will like it too.  If you like what you hear, let us know what you think, by leaving positive reviews on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.