I've been part of Raef's internet coaching group for three months and he has been an excellent mentor.

He has helped me gain so much clarity on things that I have been passive-avoidantly skirting for years. What is great about him is that he does not impose his own worldview on to you. He just knows how to ask the right questions to turn a vague and murky cloud of goals and desires that *you* have into a list of actionable steps that you can take to turn those goals into accomplishments.

My stress level in work has dropped dramatically.

I've gained a lot of mobility in the execution and delivery of my projects, and have much deeper confidence interfacing with customers. Also, he's a hoot, y'all! I did not imagine that business coaching could be fun. You gotta get on the Granger Train!

- Alexka Chan, Photographer

I've been working with Raef in his group format. Easy-reasonable price for a group coaching session tailored to the group needs, which has always been something that I needed, space to ask questions in that session, and a one-on- one coaching call to focus on my specific issues.

Still a little early to call results, but I'm starting to feel more organized in running my business and my life as opposed to my business running me.

Always informative and inspirational.

- Jason Nadeau, Licensed Massage Therapist

Raef, we appreciate you doing this for us.

We really like working with you as well, and are grateful for the insight you've provided. We'll continue moving forward and building this relationship.  Thanks again.

- Dr. Cory Peterson, PT, DPT; Outcomes Therapy Services, PLLC; Physical Therapist

After being in the corporate world my whole career, I took a leap of faith to strike out on my own and open a business. 

Raef has been key in keeping me on track, supporting my vision and protecting my assets. 

As my lawyer and business coach, Raef can advise on all aspects of starting up and operating a business.  I encourage you to not go it alone and contact Raef now to get set up for success, rather than later to help you out of trouble.

- Karen Truesdale, Owner, Haven - A Place for Mind and Body

My wife and I decided to hire Raef Granger as our coach.  We are both self-employed business people.  My wife has been in the real estate business for 21 years and I am a self-employed custom cabinet/millwork maker for the past 20 years.  I also began a graphic design and printing business shortly before the recession hit in 2007 as I wanted to try to diversify our income.  Long story short, we hired Raef Granger to work as our coach and legal guiding hub to help guide us towards our future goals in both business and life.  

Raef had a keen ear for listening to us and strategizing multiple plans for us to work towards meeting our future goals.  

If you find yourself stuck in any capacity in your life, in business or life, I would strongly encourage you reach out to Attorney Raef Granger and hire him as your coach like we did.  I know that you will be glad that you did.

-Larry P., Owner of PearLco, LLC and Seacoast Digital Image, LLC.